Asiwaju Abayomi Oke Takes Voters Education to Schools in Ota

Voters apathy is a serious threat to democracy in Nigeria. The total number of voters in past elections is a far cry from the number of eligible voters in Nigeria. The minority have always been deciding for the majority. 
To stop this dangerous trend, Asiwaju Abayomi Oke and his team have taken it upon themselves to educate eligible voters and sensitise them on the need to participate in the electoral process. A major target are the youths who can be largely found in higher institutions. Asiwaju, who plans to represent Ado-Odo/Ota Federal Constituency in House of Representatives from 2019 visited Allover Central Polytechnic, Ota and Excel Academy,a preparatory school for undergraduates in Sango Ota to raise the political consciousness of the students towards electoral process. 
He encouraged the students to get their voters cards and be ready to decide who leads them and represent them through the ballot.
Asiwaju and his team plans to embark on a public sensitisation rally on the 8th of March in Sango Ota.

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About Abayomi Oke

Asiwaju is the CEO of Novent Concept, he is a Professional MC and also a Movie Director "Biographical Info" Novent TV is a subsidary of Novent Concept.


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